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sticking with it

Happy almost 3!

Posted by crayonbeam on 2009.08.02 at 14:40
Hi everyone! How're your plans for birthday parties coming along? For Max it turns out the terrible twos were a complete lie, but I think I'll be paying for it with interest in the threes. Max started preschool and that's been going well. Bicycling him there has finally gotten me to my pre-preg weight. Sheesh that took forever. So far no stitches, no broken bones, no potty training. He is eating human food, sleeping through the night in his own room, and I've only had to call poison control once. Yay! Hope you're doing well too and would love to see updates.


My 2 yr old Skater Boy

Posted by refa88 on 2009.01.14 at 11:28

sticking with it

Summer clothing for the 2T set

Posted by crayonbeam on 2008.07.08 at 22:19
Normally Max is dressed in 1000 layers of fleece, being a San Francisco baby. But we're going to Sacramento for the weekend - in August - and I want him to have something lightweight to wear.

I'm finding plenty of short sleeved stuff at my normal go-to for quick clothes: Old Navy. But Max's dad, and to some extent me, thinks that long sleeves are better at keeping the sun off than sunscreen.

Anyone seen any lightweight shirt and pants that are not short? Old Navy has polos, which I'll use if I have too, but I worry that even that will be too hot. Maybe I'm projecting because the heat makes me very cranky.

In other news, I had passport photos taken of him yesterday. (My sister is living in Sydney, and I am thinking of visiting.) OMG he looks so surly!!!! A better mom would have waited until he was in a good mood, but I just wanted it done. We're also traveling to Ohio for my class reunion in September - his last free flight. I am crossing my fingers for an extra empty seat.

Other milestones: Max says baseball when shown photos of baseball players. I'm so proud. He is in size 4 diapers finally, and he got his first pair of hard soled shoes: Crocs. I just couldn't resist since we were playing in the water so much and the leather shoes take forever to dry out. And I posted a bunch of pictures he took with my old camera phone (some I took - hopefully you can tell which.) That phone is my emergency nothing else will work toy, but I keep forgetting to charge it. Argh.

He's been a super toddler lately - up at all hours, cranky cranky crank-a-potomus mr cranky pants, so it's nice to come here sometimes and remember that he isn't demon spawn.

ps - we're still nursing. Is anyone else?


Fussy eater

Posted by sister_savage on 2008.07.07 at 15:12
Aside from the occasional fluke, just recently Molls has been refusing to eat anything except yoghurt, milk chocolate buttons, toast (mainly for the butter), chips and crisps.

Anyone else have similar problems? I'm mainly worried about her protein intake...oh and the high amounts of sugar and salt she's consuming...

Busy Girl

Anyone Potty Training?

Posted by phbaby1 on 2008.06.26 at 16:38
Hi Ladies-

We're all around our 21st month with our little ones. Anyone thinking of starting potty training? My daughter has been tugging at her diaper and has mentioned before she goes #2. We got a potty seat for her and she knows how to flush the toilet and will wipe her "no no". She's even gone pee pee a couple of times in the potty, but I'm not really forcing her at this stage.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this milestone?

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tattoo back


Posted by lizardjee on 2008.04.14 at 18:49
Current Mood: accomplished

he is still so tiny, just 21lbs and 30 inches.

a couple moreCollapse )


18 Months Plus

Posted by sister_savage on 2008.04.14 at 09:43
Okay Mamas, my little Molly has just turned 18 months and as she is the youngest of the September 06 babies, even my toasted mathematical brain can work out that all our babes are now over 18 months old, so, come on...let's see some photos!



tattoo back


Posted by lizardjee on 2008.03.19 at 22:52
Current Mood: curiouscurious
jaxen drinks water, seltzer, unsweetened decaf tea, and sometimes, slightly sweetened blueberry tea..
he is a weird kid
what are your kids drinking?

tattoo back


Posted by lizardjee on 2008.01.25 at 07:16
Current Mood: curiouscurious
jaxen is going through bout 4 outfits/day between his messy eating and his drooling.
how many are you going through?

jaxen where'd it go?

fun game

Posted by lizardjee on 2007.11.15 at 16:49
Current Mood: amusedamused
Jaxens new fun game is getting into a drawer and pulling everything out of it, stopping to ask where everything went. LOL.
I am now working on getting him to put stuff back IN the drawer.
Anyone else play this game?
It DOES keep him occupied for a while and he is VERY proud of himself when he gets it emptied out. LOL. I introduced him to my sock drawer, at least they do not have to be folded.

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