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18 Months Plus

Posted by sister_savage on 2008.04.14 at 09:43
Okay Mamas, my little Molly has just turned 18 months and as she is the youngest of the September 06 babies, even my toasted mathematical brain can work out that all our babes are now over 18 months old, so, come on...let's see some photos!




crayonbeam at 2008-04-14 13:40 (UTC) (Link)
Such a cutie pie!

Thanks for the reminder to post - each day just zooms by.

Max is driving:

and is generally a happy camper:

In general, he is a chill baby. He's around 30% for weight, 50% for height. A little slower on the speech because he's around Spanish during the day and English at night, plus has a mild tongue tie that we're not clipping yet. He loves getting into everything - especially pushing buttons on anything. He is fearless in trying to do whatever his older brother does.

He likes the Ergo, for about 2 miles, then gets tired of it. Not nursing at night, but still nursing during the day. Lots of teeth but so far no biting. He just discovered throwing though.

Okay, I am so late for work - and speaking of! I'm also late for applying to pre-schools - it is crazy but around here some people apply while pregnant!

Can't wait to peek back here later and see more pictures!
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