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September Babies 2006
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This community was created for women who were due or had babies in September 2006. It began as a space to share pregnancy experiences and is now devoted to our September (and August & October!) children.

Please make an introductory post with the following questions:
1) Your name and age
2) Baby's date of birth
3) Baby's name
4) Baby's gender
5) Baby's birth weight and length

This is a respectful space - rude, discouraging, hurtful, or otherwise inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

Our Wee Ones

Aug. 3 - hells_angel1 Gavin Wade & Brennan Ray

Aug. 23 - verasana230 Nicholas Earnest

Aug. 24 - wtfwtfwtf______ Kayla Lynn Marie

Aug. 29 - rhiana_leigh Callum Lee & Taylor Metz

Aug. 30 - arlizona Milo John

Aug. 31 - daisybooo Lilly Grace

Sept. 5 - ohbabyoh Lynden Murray

Sept. 10 - uniquieheart Drake Wyeth

Sept. 11 - babystrong Eliot Roark, newreflections Jackson Richard

Sept. 13 - littlerarity Caleb Thomas, refa88 Jason, dreamy_falls Toby, kritter Anakin

Sept. 14 - lovestohateyou Joey, starlight42 David Jacob, cradleand_all Colin Garcia Wood

Sept. 15 - sugar22 Addison Paige, house_of_figs Connor Matthew, noo_kitty_kitty Jesse Cooper

Sept. 16 - naughty_lulu Suraya Elspeth

Sept. 17 - jack1ynn Jonah Gage

Sept. 18 - fixmestrong Laci Mae

Sept. 19 - mommajetka Levi Robert Lewis, phbaby1 Natalie Siouxzan, dignifyed Marcus Anthony

Sept. 21 - roonie424 Marley Jade, mommieangie Claire Lillian

Sept. 22 - __cherriesnlove Sylas Steven, bekasketch Tobias Logan, miss_teacher Quinn Mei, nessasplace Trinity Cecilia

Sept. 24 - autumn_fading Connor Charles

Sept. 25 - unetortue Olivia Rose Lynn

Sept. 28 - mayavada Macey Rae, beautifullyfukd Hannah Marie

Oct. 2 - crayonbeam Max Kalman, swtntemptin Isaiah Armon

Oct. 6 - sister_savage Morwenna Eva